CNMI Department of Labor Upgrades Department Equipment

The Department of Labor recently upgraded its department equipment to better serve clients and the public.

Prior to Executive Order 2013-17, which merged the Workforce Investment Agency Division under the Department of Labor, the old CNMI Department of Labor was equipped with antiquated office equipment.

All office equipment have now been modernized bringing the department’s five divisions to the levels of modern day business office applications and operations.

Through the leveraging of federal grant resources under allowable administrative expenses, Governor Ralph DLG. Torres shares that this will improve government efficiency and employee morale.

“Government agencies are slowly enhancing their offices to better serve the public. Our workforce investment agency is one of the key agencies which provides employment placement services and enforces labor laws. These are much needed upgrades as the Department of Labor helps job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in a rapidly growing labor market,” he said.

For those looking for job opportunities, the CNMI Department of Labor has also improved job bank features and the collection of labor market data.

“As we continue to improve and transform our job bank to meet the needs of businesses and job seekers while implementing the necessary features required under federal immigration law, employers will have more ease in processing their petitions with USCIS or with the USDOL Foreign Labor Certification Offices. Agency wide, we’d like to move forward with the use of technology to drive many of the crucial services,” Governor Torres adds.

To date, the Department’s Job Bank data collection serves useful for policy making. The job bank has the capability to show job postings for each respective island and CNMI wide, provide data on the number of registered businesses and their employee count which is a critical data element that shows the size of businesses that drives the CNMIs economy small or large; provides data on the types of job related employment visas posted by employers; provides data on the job classifications posted; and provides data on the NAICs codes of the job bank’s registered businesses.

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