MOA looks to establish CNMI Liaison & Medical Referral Office in Adelup

“I have long wanted to strengthen political ties with our CNMI
brothers and sisters.  CNMI Governor Torres and I agree to look at
ways we may jointly shape regional policy and share resources.”

–       Governor Eddie Baza Calvo, Guam

“Guam and the CNMI have strong historical and familial ties.  Guam’s
Governor Calvo and I commit to strengthening those ties for future

                                        –       Governor Ralph DeLeon Guerrero Torres, CNMI

Today, the Office of Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Office of CNMI Governor Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres, jointly announce that an agreement to strengthen Guam-CNMI governmental partnerships, regional policy, and joint-resource utilization is underway.

A draft Memorandum of Agreement stipulates that the government of Guam and the CNMI government commit to working in good faith in areas of regional policy, joint-resource utilization, towards the development of economic linkages and community outreach.

In addition to continuing partnerships in times of natural disaster, the agreement enables both governments to work towards the placement and coordination of a CNMI liaison and medical referral office to be located in Adelup with a point of contact assigned to facilitate open communication between the two governments.

The effort is led by Wil Castro, Director, Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans and co-led by Ivan A. Blanco, Special Assistant for the Office of Public Information and Protocol in the CNMI.

“This is important for the Marianas politically, culturally, and economically.  The only thing separating our communities that we can’t change is the body of water between our islands; everything else is negotiable if the political will exists.  I’m glad that Governors Calvo and Torres are empowering their team to bring us closer together,” says Wil Castro.

Ivan A. Blanco is assisting CNMI Governor Torres on identifying issues of mutual interest as it pertains to regional policy, logistics and planning between both governments.

“This is smart policy.  It’s economically efficient and socially responsible.  Thanks to Guam’s offer to open the office in Adelup we may make better use of those scarce resources on things other than rent,” says Ivan Blanco.

Both Governor Calvo and Governor Torres acknowledge that hosting the Guam Community Affairs Office alongside the CNMI Liaison and Medical Referral Office in Adelup will forge a stronger dialogue on how to assist families in transition for work, education, medical attention or extended recreation.

“Improving public services and identifying solutions that will make a positive impact on our citizens is a priority. Doing this as efficiently as possible, especially in terms of our healthcare system is an opportunity to build partnerships and our region. I extend my gratitude to Governor Calvo for his assistance and look forward to solidifying regional policies and practices as we move forward,” Governor Torres said.

The formal signing of the Memorandum of Agreement is set to take place later this year.

For more information, contact Mr. Wil Castro, Director, Bureau of Statistics & Plans, at (671) 472-4201/2/3 or email


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