HSEM and FEMA present Information Analysis Brief for CNMI Catastrophic Typhoon Plan

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 (ChST), the CNMI Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), held an Information Analysis Brief (IAB) for the 2017 CNMI Catastrophic Typhoon Plan for CNMI Senior Leadership at the CNMI Emergency Operations Center on Capitol Hill, Saipan.

The comprehensive IAB presented the results of research and analysis done by the CNMI and FEMA core planning teams over the last several months. The results of the IAB provided specific facts and information to support the development of appropriate operational strategies for the Catastrophic Plan.

This will be the first official Catastrophic Plan for the CNMI. Development of the plan will continue into the fall of 2017 with a final approval pending at the end of the year. “There were hard lessons learned during the recovery phase following Typhoon Soudelor in 2015,” the Governor’s Authorized Representative Virginia Villagomez noted. “We are very pleased to have taken these important steps in formulating an official catastrophic plan that not only addresses some of the operational challenges facing the CNMI, but also prepares us to be much more resilient and responsive in the face of future disasters.”

Special Assistant for Homeland Security and Emergency Management Gerald Deleon Guerrero said the ongoing planning coordination between HSEM and FEMA has been very beneficial for the CNMI’s response to severe weather conditions. “We understand that the CNMI is prone to natural disasters, so taking this proactive approach to improve our existing plans will allow us to be better prepared for the future,” Deleon Guerrero added. “The Senior Leader Steering Committee has approved the information analysis that will drive the development of response strategies for the 2017 CNMI Catastrophic Typhoon Plan,” said FEMA Region IX Acting Regional Administrator, Dr. Ahsha Tribble. “We look forward to the courses of action in June, as the next step in the planning process.”

The IAB attendees included Virginia Villagomez, the Governor’s Authorized Representative; Gerald Deleon Guerrero, Special Assistant for Homeland Security and Emergency Management; Dr. Ahsha Tribble, FEMA Region IX Acting Regional Administrator; Janet Yocum, FEMA Region IX Pacific Area Office Lead Planner; Mark Armstrong, FEMA Region IX Acting Operations Director; representatives from the US Army Corps of Engineers; Lt. Mihai Leta from the US Coast Guard; Richard Sablan from the Saipan Mayor’s Office; Brien Nicholas Jr., Nadine Deleon Guerrero, Querlaine Blas, Naomi Ada, and Joey Dela Cruz from CNMI HSEM; Leona Sablan from the CNMI Hazard Mitigation Office; Reyna Saures and Patrick Guerrero from the CNMI Public Assistance Office; other FEMA planners; military partners; and other stakeholders that play a role in CNMI emergency management during times of disaster.

For more information, contact the CNMI Office of the Press Secretary, Kevin Bautista at (670) 237-2234 or via email at kevin.bautista@gov.mp or FEMA Public Information Officer, Veronica Verde at (626) 646-6813 or via email at veronica.verde@fema.dhs.gov.

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