One Stop Processing Center Available

The One-Stop Processing Center is now available at the Department of Commerce in Capitol Hill to streamline and centralize business registration processing for the convenience of the public, specifically business owners. As a solution to the growing need to cater to small businesses, the one stop center emphasizes efficiency, transparency and accountability.

The center is located in one room at the Department of Commerce where registration processing is consolidated. This includes Alcohol, beverage and tobacco control, banking, insurance, workers’ compensation, weights and measures, and taxicab bureau.

According to Secretary of Commerce Mark Rabauliman, “the information from every department is there at the center. People who would like to open a business can talk to any person in the front line and get information that is current. Everyone at the center knows everything about every division, like which forms to fill up, what other requirements are needed, etc. Our employees empower each other by learning the tasks of each and everyone. So in the event that someone is sick or on vacation, someone in the office can take over. There are no excuses why one process is on hold because the person handling it is not around,” he said.

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