Transportation office attains certification for Passenger Assistance and Safety Sensitive Training

The operations team for the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority (COTA) recently participated in professional development training on passenger assistance and sensitivity training, successfully achieving a full receipt of certifications by the Community Transportation Association of America.

Certified Community Transportation Association of America Passenger Service and Safety trainer Ginger Porter, M.Ed expressed that COTA operators and staff are building their knowledge of leading edge service for transit customers.

“Customers of COTA should experience safe and responsive transit services from this team of new and seasoned operators, all of whom tested to proficiency for national certification of passenger assistance skills.  Their questions during training and the interest expressed in service improvement is impressive.  I look forward to seeing the growth and next chapter of the COTA team,” she said.


According to Special Assistant for Public Transportation Alfreda Camacho, this is Porter’s second time conducting COTA’s certification training.

“Our CCTA trainer is based out of Guam and is a current board member for the Guam Regional Transit Authority and in order for COTA to continue delivering safe and courteous transit services for our community, the proper training opportunities should be afforded to the team accordingly,” Camacho said.

Governor Ralph Torres noted that the need for this particular type of training echoes the fact that passenger transportation is a service industry.

“The most important asset in any transit agency or provider are the transit operators.  I am very pleased that as our transportation continues to progress that our team is equipped with the skills and current knowledge to safely and efficiently serve our community. Passenger safety and overall care is needed on an ongoing basis as we better establish our transit system,” Governor Torres added.

Special Assistant for Public Transportation Alfreda P. Camacho shared that by providing these training opportunities for the COTA team, skills and knowledge are enhanced for each team member which will, in turn, benefit our CNMI community as a whole.

“This yearly certification is a priority for COTA to ensure that we carry out a safe public transit system.  One of my goals here at COTA is to do the very best I can to professionally develop this young and striving team.  Each one of us that make up the COTA team play a vital role to ensure that we provide the best quality transportation service to our community,” Camacho said.

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