DFEMS looking to improve services through GPS tracking

Commissioner of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Commissioner Clyde Norita met with representatives from TrackMe! Guam yesterday to discuss Global Positioning System or GPS tracking for reducing fuel, maintenance, and operation costs as well as increasing efficiency and utilization of emergency vehicles in the Commonwealth.

According to Commissioner Norita, the tracking system will allow DFEMS to track its vehicles while providing real-time information on driving patterns such as location, route, speed, fuel usage, sudden braking and quick acceleration.

He added that the system also has the capabilities to report on driver information, such as when a vehicle is in idle and any erratic driving behavior.

The company shared that the “GPS, GSM, GPRS technology used to track the vehicles is supported by wireless technology and is web-based, producing fully-mapped, updated reports,” all of which can be monitored from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Commissioner Norita says that the service will be purchased for all vehicles on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota and aims to finalize the procurement process by mid-December with full operation by end of January 2018.

Commissioner Norita further added that the system will give DFEMS the ability to identify problem drivers so that corrective measures can be implemented.

“It will closely monitor the vehicle for any mechanic issues with quick alerts to prompt needed servicing. In DFEMS related accidents, the data collected can shed light on the drivers behavior and the vehicle’s operating conditions right before an accident. We see that this would be beneficial and would like to implement GPS for improved efficiency and response,” Norita said.

Acting Governor Victor Hocog expressed that reducing operational costs and improving accountability in emergency response is needed.

“Real-time tracking and monitoring will definitely enable departments to reduce operational costs and improve employee accountability and fleet utilization. This falls in line with improving efficiency, such as the upcoming government conversion to the utility pre-pay program. Governor Torres and I fully support reducing operational costs in the most feasible way possible in all departments,” Acting Governor Hocog said.

In operation since 2006, TrackMe! Guam is a Guam based GPS Tracking business that has been the only company to provide necessary tools for businesses on Guam, the CNMI and the Philippines to help successfully manage their fleets and monitor fuel usage.

TrackMe! Guam boasts that GPS monitoring has helped cut operational costs for GTA TeleGuam LLC. by 20 percent and improved fleet and employee safety of Guam Power Authority, among other agencies.

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