CNMI Department of Public Safety launches official Facebook page

The CNMI Department of Public Safety (DPS) announces the official launch of its Facebook page for the general public’s use during times of emergencies, crises, and community outreach.

Aligning communications with the Office of the Governor, Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (DFEMS), the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (through the CNMI EOC State Warning Point), and the CNMI Joint Information Center, the DPS Facebook page intends to streamline critical public information at a faster rate.

Governor Ralph DLG. Torres underscored the importance of social media as a vital tool for disseminating information to the public especially in times of emergencies and criminal activities.

“This page will serve as an added medium to the work being done now in coordination with other law enforcement and first responders. The goal is to have it be a rapid response page that shoots out updates from the field to your computer, smartphone, and through our radio partners. We’ve adopted social media best practices from first response agencies throughout states and territories and plan to ensure that any incidents are handled more efficiently to reduce uncertainty, panic, and false reporting. As we move forward using social media, we hope to increase public participation and public safety through DPS’ current programs. We ask our community to stay engaged with our rapid response page when incidents arise,” Governor Torres said.

DPS Police Lieutenant and Public Information Officer Jason Tarkong expressed that the rapid response page would dispel any rumors for the public in terms of DPS’ awareness of incidents.

“One recent example would be the gun-shooting rumors that were circulating around social media last month. Our rapid response team can better address these issues now and confirm their legitimacy in real time or even at a faster rate than before,” Tarkong said.

Governor Torres added that the community has needed a rapid response page for local incidents, and shares that Commissioner of Public Safety Robert A. Guerrero supports the endeavor to improve communication channels.

“Over the years, we have worked with other agencies and promoted our website to communicate incident reports and we’ve found that a rapid response team is needed more than ever. We have plans to improve the distribution of information over time as we deal with emergency situations from robberies, missing persons, or shooting incidents. This is one way we can also combat rumors or hearsay which cause confusion in the community. This page will serve as a portal for our residents to get accurate information in a timely manner. We ask that our community members visit the page regularly to stay informed,” Guerrero said.

The public is invited to like and follow the CNMI Department of Public Safety on You can also visit their website at

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