Programs and Legislative Review Office

Special Assistant

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The Programs and Legislative Review Office (PLRO) operates under the supervision of the Special Assistant for Programs and Legislative Review who is appointed by the Governor.  The Office keeps the Governor informed on all legislation, legislative activities, issues, and matters that transpired and originated at the Commonwealth’s Legislature, Senatorial Legislative Delegations, and others.  The PLRO also extends the same services to the CNMI Government departments, agencies, instrumentalities, and others.

To accomplish such a task, the PLRO performs the following:

  1. Informs the Governor on legislation and other legislative matters originating in the Legislature.
  2. Receive, log, follow-up, and process all bills transmitted to Governor for his action.
  3. Follow up on all the Governor’s nominations and appointments that require consent from the Legislature.
  4. Cover all legislative sessions, public hearings and report on all actions taken on bills and other legislative matters.
  5. Keep tabs on all bills, resolutions, initiatives and laws, and disseminate the same.
  6. Safe keep all public laws, resolutions and initiatives, and other pertinent information on the same.
  7. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

The PLRO will continue to improve the flow of legislative information to Governor, departments, agencies, instrumentalities, and others. Also, PLRO will continue to cooperatively work with the members of the Legislature, Legislative Delegations, Judiciary, Offices of the Mayors, departments, agencies, instrumentalities and others in order to obtain, retrieve, collect, and render accurate services and information.

To view all Public and Local Laws enacted in the CNMI, please refer to the following links: